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Providing instant liquidity for new renters.
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Fees range between 0.10-1.00€ (+ additional fees based on % of transaction value). More pricing details per payment method here.
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Don’t let a high upfront payment stand in the way of your dream apartment.

Kubbi provides a simple platform to cover all expenses towards your new rental, giving you the freedom to move without having to save for months.

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Get instant approval for financing and start your apartment search today.

Quick Setup
Sign up for an account on our webapp using  your email address.
Instant Approval
Get approved for financing within minutes, based on your specific needs.
Easy Payments
Upload your lease to Kubbi, then set your payback schedule.
We deliver funds to you and notify you monthly for payment.
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We work wiht Lucida, our business growht 3x in just 4 months

Susan Bolt, Jewerly Ava
Who Are We?

Kubbi is a buy now, pay later solution specifically built for tenants.

User Friendly.

A simple interface to allow you to quickly receive the financing you need..
Landlord Friendly.

We deliver funds to you directly, so there’s no need for the landlord to do anything.
Credit Friendly.

Approval for funding does not require an additional credit check, keeping your score safe and sound.
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We work wiht Lúcida, our business growht 3x in just 4 months

Why Kubbi?

Better opportunities for tenants.

Financial Flexibility

The initial payment for starting a new lease is the single largest expense for any tenant. With Kubbi, users can finance this lump-sum into monthly installments, giving them the freedom to purchase what they truly need when moving into a new space.

Simplified Lending

Getting approval for financing from Kubbi takes a matter of minutes. Users can quickly apply directly online and select the option that suits their needs - all without having to pay interest.

Stress Free Deposits

Tenants are often forced to pay their next security deposit before they have received the deposit from their previous lease, creating a very painful financial burden. With Kubbi, you can stop stressing about that old deposit and focus more on your next adventure.

Convenient Payments

Kubbi lets tenants make payments via Plaid, directly from your bank account. All of your financial data is kept private and safe by the leading name in ACH transfers.

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Happy Landlords, Happy Tenants.

Kubbi sends the full payment and security deposit directly to your landlord - immediately. Unlike other platforms, your landlord will always have the peace of mind of having the full deposit at the onset of your lease.

Kubbi’s buy now pay later system unblocks more potential tenants for landlords, helping them fill their rentals with people who will truly love their apartment.

Kubbi performs its own verification process to ensure that all tenants are as viable for lending as they are when applying for a lease.

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We are here for you.
Whatever your needs.

Kubbi is not just a neobank for those about to enter a long-term rental. We also make lives easier for anyone in need of an easy-to-use digital escrow account.

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We’re changing the way people think about their next rental.

“I was thankful enough to land a great job right after graduation, but finding a place is going to be a struggle until I’ve saved up enough money for a deposit. With Kubbi, I can finally start looking for a place right by my office - my parent’s really couldn’t be more excited.😅”
Lydia N.
Recent Graduate
“Moving over a deposit from one lease to the next is simply just not doable - you inevitably get your old deposit back after moving into your new place. It’s awesome to finally see an option that lets me use my old deposit to pay my new one… it’s personally a game-changer for me.”
Justin T.
Current Tenant
“There is a big problem growing in the market right now, with a lot of open units and a lot of people blocked by deposit costs. It’s only a matter of time before tenants will seek other options, and this app seems like a win for both sides of that equation.”
Alan A.
Real Estate Broker
“Most of the options offered to tenants right now are typically just more headaches for me in the end. Kubbi seems to be the only solution that actually understands the current situation for tenants as well as landlords."
Ashton R.
Independent Landlord
Join us to 1m people that use right now Lúcida, and discover our potencial for growth your business 🚀

Giving tenants the financial freedom they deserve.

We Understand:
  • How significant an expense moving can be, and we’re here to help you finance it. 
  • How important your new place is, and we want to see you make the most of it.

Join the first American standard created for managing  security deposits. Together we can create a process that’s more secure and transparent for all.

Looking for your next rental soon?

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